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May 30, 2013
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Al was at his wits end with this girl.  The girl was _________, a chick he captured from the Axis.  She’d be their prisoner until at least the end of the war, but he was starting to wonder if it was a good idea to capture her.  He was hoping to have an obedient little servant girl, but instead he got a loudmouthed slacker.
“You were supposed to be cleaning this place while I was gone!” Al yelled.
“Why should I have to listen to you?” said _________, who was lounging on Al’s couch.
“Because you’re my prisoner! I captured you!  You’re supposed to do what I say!”
“I don’t have to listen to you!  I can get out of here easily!” __________ boasted.
“Oh really?...” Al smirked, grabbing his trusty bat.
“That doesn’t scare me,” _________ says watching Al get the bat.
“Well, how about now?” Al rose the bat up in the air.  Immediately, _________ rolled from her spot on the couch and onto the floor, taking out a (melee weapon of choice).
“Try me, big boy!” _________ shouted.
With these words, the two of them begin to fight.  Al thought this would be no sweat, but much to his surprise, as the fight progressed, each of them pulling off their best moves and moving the fight to outside, _________ was able to keep up with him the entire time.  How the hell was she able to dodge and fight back so easily?  She didn’t fight NEARLY as hard as when they first fought.  The two of them continued sparing until the sun set, when they were no longer able to fight.  The two of them collapsed on the ground side by side, breathing heavily.
“Damn…” Al muttered, trying to catch his breath, “Where the hell did all of that come from?...”
_________ let out a few laughs, “Heheheh… Did you really think that I was really as bad as I was when we first battled?... nah… THIS is what I fight like…”
“What?... You mean… you LET me win?...”
“Yeah… you guys are WAY more fun… than the Axis…” _________ smirked up at Al, rolling over so that she was facing him.
“Heh… that’s new…” Al said, smirking back, “You know… that was a lot of fun…”
“Yeah… sure was…” _________ laid her head on Al’s chest.  Normally, Al would’ve shoved her off had it been anyone else, but he was too tired to care.  Plus, to his surprise, he actually found something he liked about her.  Her tenacity, strength, and energy matched his own.  She didn’t care what people thought about her.  In many ways… she was like a sister to him.  He looked down to see she had already passed out from exhaustion.  He petted her head, watching her lips form a smile.  Laying his head back, he let his own eyes close and got some rest.
A few hours later, he felt a foot nudge at his side.
“Al?  You awake?” his brother Matt asked.  Al opened up an eye looking up at his brother.
“Hey Matt, what are you doing?” Al asked.
“I was just about to ask you the same thing; I called you 3 hours ago and you never answered,” Matt scolded, “And who the hell’s this?”
“Who?” Al muttered, before looking down to see _________ still lying beside him, “Oh!  This is _________.”
At the mention of her name, _________’s eyes opened, as she looked up at Matt. “Sup,” she greeted him.
“You mean this is the girl you captured?” Matt said.
“I wouldn’t say that,” _________ spoke with a grin.
“Whatever,” Matt grunted, “Look, I need your help.”
“What is it?” Al asked.
“Remember the guy that borrowed money from us a few weeks ago?”
“Right off the back of my head.  Why?”
“He ain’t paying back… so I thought I’d bring in a few big guns…”
“Awesome!  We get to smash some skulls!”
Al and _________ stood up from the ground, both picking up their weapons.
“Sweet!” _________ squealed, “Can I come too?”
Matt shot a glare at _________, “No you cannot.  You are to stay here.”
“Awwww…” _________ started to give off her usual “bambi eyes and pouting face” combo to silently plead with Matt.  Sadly, Matt wasn’t amused.
“Hey, how ‘bout this,” Al said, putting a hand on _________’s shoulder, “Next time something like this comes up, it’ll just be you and me.  That alright?”
_________ smiled widely and said, “Sure!”
“Alright.  Just wait back at home for me.  I’ll be back in a few hours.”
With that, _________ ran off back to Al’s house, much to Matt’s confusion.
“Since when were you a softie?” Matt asked.
“Hey, she got me in a good mood,” Al replied.
When Al captured _________, he expected to have an obedient little servant girl.  
Instead… he got a sister.
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